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We're launching in

We're launching in


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We're launching in


Total Health, the medical information company made up of planning experts, will now produce tailored content, courses, and conferences for oncology and rheumatology healthcare providers and patients, whether in-person or virtual.

Our Mission

We believe knowledge is power. Our mission is to connect rheumatology clinical practice strategies to the holistic experience of patients living with chronic autoimmune diseases.

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Launch Timeline

January 2022

April 2022

Spring 2022

Advisory Board

First Annual Meeting

Thematic Webinars and Social Media Events

  •  February 2022 | MIND

    • Featuring: Physiatrist + Psychotherapist

  • March 2022 | MEALS

    • Featuring: Nutritionist + Functional Medicine Doctor + Allergist

  • April 2022 | MOVEMENT

    • Featuring:  Physical Therapist + Exercise Specialist 

  • May 2022 | MEDICINE

    • Pain Management Doctor 

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