The 11th Annual Expert Strategies in Endoscopy, Gastrointestinal and Liver Disorders Conference will be a multi-day event, October 1-3, 2021 and archived on-demand presentations. The accredited hybrid conference will feature live in-person sessions, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, that will livestream to a virtual platform.

Course Directors

2021 11th Annual Expert Strategies in Endoscopy, Gastrointestinal and Liver Disorders Conference Course Directors Prateek Sharma, M.D., and Kenneth Wang, M.D.

The goal of the program is to improve team competence and practice performance by providing cutting edge information on endoscopy, gastroenterology and liver diseases through state of the art lectures and hands on endoscopy sessions taught by an international faculty of experts in the field.

What to Expect

  • A hybrid conference that is both in-person and virtual. In-person attendees will see the sessions live at the Renaissance Hotel while virtual viewers will watch in real-time on the digital platform. Both will have access to re-watch the CME sessions on-demand after the conference date on the virtual platform.

  • Free registration and access to a user-friendly virtual platform with live tech support

  • Expert sessions that present the most clinically relevant data, research, and clinical strategies

  • Enduring video content for watching at your leisure

  • Nation-wide networking with peers, colleagues, and medical professionals 

  • Real-time collaboration with polls, Q&A, live chats, and private messaging

  • Access to the latest industry information and resources 

  • Giveaways and digital gift cards when you participate

Learning Objectives

  • Practice acquired skills using endoscopic diagnostic tools for proper placement of endoluminal stents, mucosal ablation, hemostasis, endoscopic resection and advanced techniques to improve accuracy in making diagnoses, through hands-on workshops.

  • Formulate an evidence-based approach to inflammatory bowel disease, GERD and functional bowel management by utilizing new therapies.

  • Create and implement team based therapy and patient education tools for patients with viral hepatitis, and colon cancer screening and surveillance, utilizing the most recent guidelines to improve patient outcomes.

  • Improve ability to effectively function as a member of the team caring for patients.

  • Apply knowledge gained regarding the procedures to identify and provide appropriate medical and nursing care.

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