This accredited, virtual webinar series is designed to elevate and highlight the power of diversity and the goals of equity and equality in the cancer care team and will present both academic and thematic topics. Discussions aim to create open and public forums to help to eliminate the disparities that represent a major public health problem in our country.


Professionals from academic and community medicine are brought together to promote the exchange of novel ideas, discuss the latest findings in the field, and stimulate the development of new research on cancer health disparities. Open conversations with patients allow healthcare leaders to hear personal experiences and share ideas.

Clinical Trials | Tuesday, February 1, 2022 |

7-8 PM EST / 6-7 PM CST

  • Combating low minority representation. How can we be more open to seeing the bigger picture?

  • Matching clinical trial to community demographics. Where are we losing the battle?

  • Trust as an enrollment tool. Understanding how minorities have been abused in the past



Clinical Practice | Wednesday, February 2, 2022 | 7-8 PM EST / 6-7 PM CST

  • Screening and Prevention Models: A Review of Meaningful Pathways

  • Practical communication strategies for the clinic.

  • Listening and shared decision making. It’s no longer a one-sided conversation.



Fireside Chat | Thursday, February 3, 2022 | 7-8 PM EST / 6-7 PM CST

  • Physicians and patients: An honest discussion of experiences with barriers and challenges, and how to be better

Program Chair

Diversity in Cancer Care Program Chair Image_edited.png

Learning Objectives

  • Review clinical applications in diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in cancer care, with an emphasis on the care of diverse populations

  • Discuss and debate challenges in design, treatment, and access to clinical trials for diverse and underrepresented populations

  • Discuss support systems approaches being designed to empower healthcare providers to reach and better treat at-risk populations

  • Review with an aim to equip learners with practical tools for mentoring and developing underrepresented and diverse healthcare providers

  • Discuss relevant issues in cancer care in the Black community, Hispanic populations, and LGBTQ+ populations —both from a provider and patient perspective

  • Discuss relevant issues to women in cancer care—closing both the provider and patient access gap

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